Why a Student Need to Get Citi® Secured MasterCard®

If a student is searching to launch, improve or rebuild his or her credit history, a Citi® Secured MasterCard® is a very good option. It was designed with care of people with limited finances or no credit. This card will help to build s credit in the easiest way. As a result, a student will be free in basic everyday needs such as food, clothes, and paying utilities bills on time.

What Is The First Step?

Simply find a certain amount for a security deposit in the beginning of the applying process and render it to the bank. The necessary sum will be about $200 – $2,500 depending on a credit limit an individual desire. People who study at daytime usually moonlight, and their income is rather modest. So given credit limit it’s possible to do budgeting and financial planning for each month. Another reason for contributing this sum is possible default for your card account. This money will be held in special bank account for 1,5 years without possibility to get interest. But if a student doesn’t make regular payments off on time, bank will use these means and close the account.

How To Receive A Card?

To become the owner of Citi® Secured Mastercard® is very easy. If you are a student, just prove to the bank that you have a certain level of income or scholarship, and disclose your previous credit history. Remember that you should not have any bankruptcy records during the previous two years.

Obvious Benefits For Cardholders:

  • Security

For numerous cases of emergency bank prepares a special feature – Citi® Identity Theft Solutions. It goes as far as dealing with police and restoring credit history.

In addition, a cardholder has no responsibility in case of unauthorized operations on your account – either, for example, in supermarket, or online.  This is a really impressive level of protection, especially in our time of scammers and hackers.

  • Travel Bonuses

Now most banks go global, so take into consideration that if you pay for your journey with this card, you automatically may enjoy the benefits Worldwide Travel Accident. It provides decent coverage and even some compensation in case of tragic accidents.

  • Global Dimension

It is always better to have a card which has a global recognition. With this Citi banking product you can visit any countries where MasterCard credit cards are accepted without any problems. Numerous merchant locations, millions ATMs worldwide and thousands of bank offices will make your financial life more than pleasant. This is a real freedom in shopping or cash withdrawal.

  • Online Banking

Students are mostly young people, the so called Z-generation. They are mobile, use gadgets and want to perform more operations online since it is quick and convenient. Therefore, 24/7 online banking is the feature that will be advantageous for most student.

Overall, Citi® Secured MasterCard® is number one choice for people who study at universities and high schools.

Post Author: iansomerhalder